Refuel an LNG vehicle at the Pannon Fuel Station

LNG refuelling safely

Most of the European LNG stations are operating unmanned, where the drivers are refuelling their vehicles. This is the case in the Hungarian Pannon Fuel station as well.

However filling of the LNG vehicle does not consume more time as the diesel refueling, but there are several differences, which require attention for the refuel operation.

The following link contains the lecture for the drivers, how to fill the vehicles on the station of Pannon Fuel (an english version will follow soon).

LNG gépjárművezető képzés 19_2

Principally, drivers shall follow the following simple routin:

1. Authorization at terminal

2. Select language with pushing the DMB button repeatedly

3. Push START Button and follow the instructions of the screen

4. Connect the earthning cable

5. Clean the filling and vent receptacle of the vehicle with air

6. Connect the filling and the vent hose correctly to the vehicle and select correct FUEL TYPE

7. Push the START button

8. Keep control on the tank pressure, in case need to decrease the pressure push VENT buttonstop venting with pushing VENT button again

9. As FILLING STARTED on screen indicated, push the DMB button within the available timeframe

10. For finalize the filling push the STOP button

11. Use air cleaning before putting back the filling and vent hose to the dispenser

12. Be sure, that filling and vent nose attached correctly to the dispenser, holding arms in closed position

13. Turn the FUEL TYPE selector to position 0

14. Take your receipt from the terminal

In case technical error, or in case support needed, please call the dispatcher service: +36-70-636-9274

Have to notice:

From the LNG dispenser filling only LNG vehicles! No LPG!

Filling only authorized person can do!

Warm LNG tank filling strickly forbidden without presence of a responsible person from the station!

Wear protecting clothes and gloves!

Any violence can be penalized!

Be sure, that engine stopped and brake applied before start fuelling!