We can fill up on the place where it needs

There are some circumstances, when refuelling an LNG vehicle is not so easy.

One, as the vehicle delivered from factory and its range isn’t enough to reach the next filling station.

Another reason can be, when a service needs to empty the tank for any kind of repair.

Or, just, simple, the route plan had to be modified and could not reach the next station. This can easily happen around our location in Hungary, where several hundreds of kilometres needs to drive till the next LNG station.

Filling up a new LNG vehicle at the dealer

Not the reason is important, but the solution!

If it is new, or just came out from the service, we can cool down the LNG tank and secure to reach the gas station of Pannon Fuel

We can provide a filling for your vehicle, if it is in emergency, to let it work further in the shortest time. Even a cool down process can take place in case of needs.

Just notice the number of Henrik Domanovszky for being with you, in needs: +36-70-396-7502.